this is probably the best setting to work on a startup

Start Me Up's flagship experience program.

    • We'll match you with a 1-3 month placement with a startup.
    • Training and onboarding with your startup.
    • One day immersive coding workshop.
    • Access to between 12 and 16 entrepreneur-focused events every week
    • Learn anything from marketing, business development, analytics, business model analysis to financial forecasting. 

Do you like the idea of working for a startup? Or do you dream of launching your own startup?

Maybe you like the idea of getting a taste of startup life without having to commit to a permanent job?

Startup Internship Program

Experience life at a startup.

We'll source you amazing projects at innovative startups. 

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

One day immersive coding workshop

Spend a day getting acquainted with coding.  Start coding your own apps straightaway. 

Unlimited access to a world-class coworking space

Everyone on the program gets 24 hour access to a top-rated coworking space.

First week excursion e.g. surf trip, volcano climb or white rafting.

Spend your weekends exploring an amazing new country. 

Access to 16 entrepreneur-focused events per month.

Learn from experienced entrepreneurs from around the world. 

Continuous support from startup mentor

From tech to marketing, you get assigned mentors to monitor and support you.

Work on anything between 1 and 4 projects per month.

From business model analysis and marketing, to financial forecasting and analytics. 

The Application Process

What are we looking for in the interview?

We will be looking for evidence that you're a good problem solver. We'll also be looking for a genuine interest in startups and entrepreneurship. Versatility is the key. 

How does the application process work?

You will begin the process by filling in a short application form to help us to get to know a bit about you. If we think you have the potential to be a Start Me Up candidate we'll invite you to a Screening Interview. 

What happens in the screening interview?

This is a 15-30-minute informal discussion between you and one of the Start Me Up team to determine your motivations for applying, your competencies and experience, and what really drives and interests you.

If you pass the Screening Interview, you will be invited to complete the online quiz. 

What will I be tested on in the online quiz?

This will assess your numerical and logical reasoning abilities, your written English and also your interest in the startup scene.

The last stage in the process is the Final Interview. Here we look for genuine passion for entrepreneurship, ambition, creativity and, most importantly, a great attitude.

What You’ll Get...

Accommodation, airport transfers, and sim cards.

Unlimited access to a coworking space.

Weekly accountability meetings.

Continuous support from your startup mentor.

Work on anything between 1 and 4 projects per month.

One day immersive coding workshop.

First-week excursion eg surf trip, volcano climb or white rafting.

Incredible would be an understatement

“I think that the word incredible would be an understatement. I applied for a marketing role and what I got was so much more than that. In my first week, I learned about coding, content writing, and web design. I probably got more out of being here for a week, than I would have during one year in a corporation.”

intern abroad with startups

The best setting to work on a startup

“One of the great things about being here is how motivating and inspiring it is. Within just a couple of weeks of being here, all of the interns were working on their own business ideas – even though most of us had never started anything before.”

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