Start Me Up attracts some of the brightest recent graduates or soon-to-be-graduates.


And they want to work for you.



We attract and interview some of the world’s brightest candidates who’re looking for startup experience abroad.


We screen candidates and test them to identify their strongest skills and areas of interest.

Identify projects

From our network of startups abroad, we identify suitable projects with clear objectives and deliverables.


We match candidates’ areas of interest with specific opportunities at startups abroad.

We know that most startups are time and resource poor at the beginning. We also know that there are few experiences as formative and educational as working for one of the growing numbers of startups abroad. Start Me Up helps startups find the right talent to help them grow as quickly as possible.

We take care of screening and recruitment of talent. So you have more time to spend running your business.


Getting access to top talent through Start Me Up has been great for my business. For me, it helps solve a major recruitment issue for many bootstrapping startups.

Oliver Lucas

Founder, SpeechMate

“I was amazed how smart the candidate was. Having someone who could already quickly grasp and understand complex business strategies was beyond helpful.”

Sarah Lugo

Head of Marketing , Mastly

Previous projects completed

Business model consulting

Qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine optimal business models.

Analytics dashboard

Designing and creating analytics dashboards to advanced data analysis.

Affiliate programs

Implementing affiliate marketing programs to help startups grow sales rapidly.

Microsite creation

Creating microsites to support a startup’s marketing strategy, by creating video and blog content.