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Start Me Up runs either 4-week or 8-week startup accelerators in Bali where you get access to technical talent, mentors, coaches and everything to help get your basic product or service to market.

  • Mentorship from at least four specialists
  • A week-by-week plan of how to get your idea off the ground.
  • Demo day where all startups prepare to pitch their ideas
  • Learn the essentials of working with technical talent
  • Support to make your startup idea actually happen!

Do you have a startup idea but you're not sure what to do next?

Maybe you're frustrated with your lack of progress with your startup?

Start Me Up's Startup Accelerator Internship will fast track your idea and get it finessed and launched. Faster.

We'll help you learn new skills and access experienced collaborators

So you can give your startup the best possible chance of success. 

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Weekly accountability meetings

Our accountability mentors will check in with you every week to ensure you remain focused on the task of implementation. 

Unlimited access to a  coworking space

Everyone on the program gets 24 hour access to a top-rated coworking space.

Audit of your skills and requirements

An assessment of which skills you need to buy in to make your startup a reality and what you can learn.  

Im​plementation roadmap

From design brief and business plan to marketing and customer acquisition. 

Continuous support from startup mentor

From tech to marketing, you get assigned mentors to monitor and support you to overcome barriers to getting your business off the ground. 

Essential startup skills

We'll coach you how to go about scaling, sourcing funding and collaborators. 


"I wanted to learn more about UI and UX so I was assigned a leading app developer to help me"

- Oliver Rodney (Founder, TX)

The Application Process

founder of start me up

"Our Accelerator program is highly competitive with around 50 applicants per place. We only take on people with the perfect mix of intellect, creativity, drive and ambition."

- Clare Harrison (Founder, Start Me Up)

Who is this for?

This is for people who are serious about their business idea. You must be able to clearly articulate the problem you are looking to solve. You must have the drive and tenacity and people skills to make your business a reality. 

What are we looking for in the interview?

In your interview you should be able to outline the target audience, the estimated size of the market, where your customers will be located, your competitors, and any specific legal issues. 

We are looking for brains and big ideas, tempered with realism and the determination to turn an idea into a reality.

What You’ll Get...

Program includes

Accommodation, airport transfers, and sim cards.

Unlimited access to a coworking space.  

Weekly accountability meetings.

Access to 12 entrepreneur-focused events per month. 

Continuous support from your startup mentor. 

Access to experienced mentors outside your startup to help your startup grow.

Work on anything between 1 and 4 projects per month.

One day immersive coding workshop.

Demo day where all startups prepare to pitch their pitch their where all startups prepare to pitch their ideas.

First week excursion eg surf trip, volcano climb or white rafting.


"Life changing"

""On the Accelerator Program, I learnt about internet marketing, SEO, automation and scaling strategies which allowed me to take my startup to the next level."

- Ollie Rodney (Founder, TX)

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